Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm In Love

First off, here's me with a big smile. Mommy says I should post a lot of pictures of myself because that's what people are really interested in. I'm a big star, you see. This is me excited about the camera.

When mommy is done taking pictures I get to look at them. Only mommy says that I have to stay still first or she can't get the picture at all! I don't know about that. I was trying for the camera here and I think the picture turned out great. I'm just super adorable I guess.

Pig Pig. I'm in love. Mommy took me to Toys R Us and let me pick out the one I liked best. Only I didn't like any. But then mommy saw Pig Pig and he was WAY up high. So she took him down for me.

Oh, and did I ever like him! I LOVED him! I straight away trilled like a birdie and stuck his pig nose in my mouth! I continued to shove my head into his soft pig fur until we got to the checkout.

I confess once we were at the checkout I was distracted by a little girl in a shopping cart ahead of us. She was about five months old with long pretty hair (in a pig tail no less!) and OH SO CUTE. So I pulled her sock off. Mommy was silly and took the sock from me and gave it to the little girl's daddy. I think she wanted me to keep it as a token of her love. Mommy's don't understand these things. But she had just found me Pig Pig so I wasn't going to hold it against her.

This is Derek and me. Derek is a friend of mine. We played together the other day. I hope he comes over to play again soon!

This is me high fiving daddy. Daddy is really good at high fiving. I love daddy!

Here's Pig Pig again to say bye bye!

Heart: Soren

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Friends

Today I went to visit my cousin Mason. He is my best friend. Here are some photos of us:

Telling secrets.
What nice babies we are!

These photos were taken by Sherri McLeod.

Here are some more photos of us:

Here we are playing together:

This is us with mommy:

This is Mason with his other best friend:

This is me with my other best friend:

Thanks for playing with me!
Heart: Soren